DJI Spark: Best Drone ever?

Is the DJI Spark the best drone you can buy according to its features? To find it out, today we will analyze the specifications of this Drone that at first glance has make me felt in love because of its combination of features that few drones in the market achieve: Portability, Technology, Camera Stabilizer, and Reasonable Price.

Aesthetics: In terms of “Beauty and Style”, DJI’s latest wonder, Spark Drone, has a close relationship with his older brother, the powerful Mavic Pro. This gadget is target towards people who loves customisation of their equipment, This is why it comes in a range of colors, from white to red, through green and blue. Something else we found in the style of the DJI Spark is that it incorporates the anti-shock sensors that are visible on the front of the Drone very close to the camera. The body is very similar to the Mavic Pro, only for a small (or large?) Difference that we will see in the following feature: Size.

Size: let’s say the true, for all those who have had medium-sized Phantom 4 or large drones such as the Tarot 680, it is a fact that we can’t take our equipment to all the places we would love, why? because to carry them we need an extra case or in the best scenario an extra back pack, which of course isn’t always great. This portability problem ended since the Mavic Pro went on sale, and after the mavic, no more extra cases or bags needed to transport our flying machines. However and even though we thought the Mavic Pro was very small, the Spark is much smaller and therefore much easier to carry. The only trouble? The Mavic’s Pro arms that can be folded towards the body and when we do that it really is even smaller in absolute terms than the new star, the DJI Spark, so if we want an equipment just for its portability the Mavic could be our winner choice.

Technology: If there is something that I love about companies like DJI, is that they know how to surprise us and how to achieve things that until a moment before seemed to be impossible, or who does not remember the slap that the Mavic Pro embedded in the face of Drone Karma of GoPro Just a few months ago? In the case of the Spark, what surprises me is that they managed to include technology such as anti-collision sensors, and best of all a stabilization system, which although less powerful than drones like the Phantom 4 (stabilization of 3 axes Spark has only two) still achieves an impressive result in terms of the stability of it’s camera, and of course intelligent flight modes such as handling the Drone through gestures that make us look as illusionists.

Camera: As I indicated in the previous point, the stabilization gimbal of Spark is quite impressive, and that makes the quality of the videos superior to drones of the same size, however (and taking into account that it is not its main objective) , The camera does not meet the current standards of DJI drones, thus in terms of video recording it stands behind his older brother Mavic Pro, and even further away from the Phantom 4 Pro. By this I do not mean that it is a Bad camera Drone, but I want to make it clear that this is not the strongest point of this Drone, especially if someone wants to buy it to make high level semi professional videos like those that can be obtained with a Mavic Pro or with a Phantom 4 pro.

Conclusion: The DJI Spark has a unique and very interesting concept. It is aimed at anyone who does not seek a professional result, but want to make beautiful and simple videos and pictures from their family reunions, outings with friends, cycling routes, and others, but also do not want to waste time making configurations that do not interest them. For lovers of practicality, for those who want to start in this world and want to see how the world of drones is, and especially for those who want to have fun with a Drone of excellent features without paying a fortune, this DJI Spark is the perfect choice.


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